Long-term Customer Satisfaction

We often hear our in-store service professionals remark on how much they enjoy having personal, face-to-face customer relationships. This is important because customer relationships are the heart and soul of our company’s success… and is one reason that we have made the decision not to sell online.

However, the most compelling reason for in-store only sales is overall, long-term customer satisfaction.

The current state of complex, ever-changing video technology demands that a customer experience the sight and sound first-hand, in a show room designed to mimic an “at-home” feel.

The Experience of Home Theater

Given today’s marketplace, we feel that we would be doing our customers a grave disservice if we were to offer our products any other way.

All of our customers are individuals with unique needs, expectations and resources. Just as we all taste foods differently, we experience home theater differently as well.

The amount of price differentiation buried in these individual differences of sight and sound can be quite substantial.


Don’t Be Sorry… Shop Around

Please remember, the reason “Don’t Be Sorry… Shop Around” is our store motto is because we’re confident of our super-low, competitive prices. Don’t forget to add any shipping cost to ensure accurate price comparisons. We welcome the opportunity to prove why making the decision to “come see for yourself” was the right one.

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