PSB Imagine T3 Floor Standing Speaker


PSB’s engineers ensured that the T3 performs cleanly and predictably in the listening room. The Imagine T3 is a spectacular display of clean, well-integrated bass response and pinpoint imaging. The perfect proportion of ‘sound power,’ combined with extremely even frequency response and uniform off-axis response, creates a massive, effortless sounding, and precisely detailed sound field.

Floor bounce is responsible for response irregularities, and occurs for all speakers unless compensated for, as in the Imagine T3. Utilizing smaller cones with large motors results in higher sensitivity and more accurate piston motion of the cone for faster transient response and lower distortion.

If there has ever been a speaker that represents the latest and most advanced thinking of PSB loudspeaker design, it is the new premium Imagine T3.

In the Imagine T3, three 7″ woofers are arranged in PSB’s three-woofer transitional array, where all the woofers combine to produce the longest wavelengths of sound in the lowest frequencies.

At higher musical frequencies, woofers are strategically attenuated until only the woofer adjacent to the midrange is active, creating a perfect transition with uniform off-axis response. The position of each woofer and the exact crossover slope have been carefully optimized to reduce first acoustic reflections, also known as ‘floor bounce’.

Another advantage to using multiple woofers is more efficient transfer of energy into the air compared to a single larger woofer. The varying positions also tend to excite a broader spectrum of room resonances, thus preventing the ‘one note bass boom’ that often occurs with powerful full-range speakers.

PSB’s refined designs always consider the large effect that a room has on the sound of any loudspeaker.

PSB Imagine T3 Floor Standing Speaker

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  • Design Type: Transitional 5-way triple port bass reflex speaker system
  • All-new driver design
  • Crossover: 450Hz, B3, 1,800Hz LR4
  • Sleek and distinctive Imagine enclosure designed by the renowned industrial designer, David Farrage of DF-ID
  • Tweeter: 1” Titanium Dome with Ferrofluid Neodymium Magnet
  • Midrange: 5-1/4” Compressed Felt/Fiberglass Cone with Mastic Compound Coating Rubber Surround
  • Woofer: 3 x 7” Compressed Felt/Fiberglass Cone with Mastic Compound Coating Rubber Surround
  • Hand-finished cabinet
  • Individually tuned chambers for each woofer (with port plugs for fine-tuning)
  • Internal Volume: 1.88 cu ft (53.1L)
  • Multiple input terminals for bi-amping and tri-amping
  • Bottom woofer can be disconnected from the amp and shorted using the provided woofer shorting bar
  • One-piece aluminum plinth with adjustable spikes,
  • Isolation pucks with carefully engineered rubber dampers
  • Amplitude-perfect acoustic Linkwitz-Riley 4th order crossovers

Input Power

  • Recommended: 20-300 watts
  • Program: 300 watts

Frequency Response (Anechoic Chamber)

  • On Axis @ 0°±3dB: 24-23,000 Hz
  • On Axis @ 0°±1 1/2dB: 30-20,000 Hz
  • Off Axis @ 30°±1 1/2dB: 30-10,000 Hz
  • LF Cutoff -10dB: 20 Hz

Sensitivity (1W (2.83V) @ 1M, IEC-Filtered pink noise, C-weighted)

  • Anechoic Chamber: 89dB
  • Listening Room: 91dB


  • Nominal: 8 ohms
  • Minimum: 4 ohms


  • Dimensions: 11-1/2″ wide x 47-5/8″ tall x 15-1/8” deep
  • Weight: 71 lbs. each


PSB Speakers

Additional information

Weight 68 lbs
Dimensions 58 × 24 × 20 in
Color Selection

Gloss Black, Gloss Cherry

Sold as




Speaker Placement

Front – Left / Right


Mutli-Purpose Audio


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